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Packing Limbah PLT
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Packing Limbah PLT

Biology laboratories carry out waste disposal activities after practical activities carried out in biology laboratories, chemistry laboratories and food laboratories. This activity is carried out in order to ensure that the laboratory used remains clean from various microbes and bacteria. In handling this waste, of course, don't just throw it away, there are several things you have to pay attention to.

Handling of Laboratory Waste

  • Provide labels for all waste containers or what is called labeling.
  • Condition of waste container cover.
  • Separate these types of chemical waste.
  • Pay attention to where waste is stored.

Here are several ways to manage waste properly and correctly:

  • Separate Waste Disposal Sites for Organic or Inorganic Types.
  • Replacing the Plastic Base with Newspaper/Cardboard.
  • Converting Organic Waste Into Compost Fertilizer.
  • Recycling Dry Organic Waste.